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Our 2013 National Convention will be held in Los Angeles, August 2 through 4, 2013. Click here for details and hotel reservation.




All persons of Nkanu origin and their family resident in the United States of America are eligible to become members of this Association..




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We are A Not-For-Profit, Non-Political and Non-sectarian Association dedicated solely to the service of mankind. Membership is currently made up of Nkanu sons, daughters, wives and in some cases in-laws who may be particularly interested to be part of the executors of the Association's goals to alleviate the ordeals of humanity. Members are residents of different States of America. Nkanu Association USA, Inc. was registered in the State of New York, March 2009 as a 501 (c)(3) Organization and in the New York State Attorney General's Office, Bureau of Charities. The goals of the association among others include: to promote unity and friendship amongst the members of NkanuUSA; to support research, economic, educational, cultural, and social growth of Nkanu people of Enugu State in Nigeria; to act as a liaison between the citizens of Nkanu in the United States of America and our governments and other institutions, if called upon to do so; to support legitimate charitable organizations and humanitarian causes; and to cooperate with and support all law-abiding Enugu State organizations in the United States of America and encourage members of the Association to join such organizations in promoting the interest of Enugu State, Nigeria.

The name, Nkanu is one of the largest boroughs in Enugu State, Nigeria. We, sons, daughters and wives of this borough in Diaspora have observed that Nkanu Community seems to be less cared for by the State Government; Schools in Nkanu Land are not maintained, Poverty has eaten deep into the bones of the community. Starvation has taken toll in the Community with no attention from anywhere. Our focus currently is to stop Primary School Children in Nkanu Community from sitting on bare floors to study in their classrooms. (See the Project Sections of this website). We have been able to supply up to thirteen Primary Schools with benches and desks as at July 2012, and ready to provide additional ten Primary Schools with benches and desks by the end of December 2012. We raise funds for these projects by organizing annual conventions in different State of the US where we solicit for donations from attendees. (See the Association's Activities section of the web). This is so far what we are. When we conclude with primary schools which are over hundred and twenty in number and are located in about thirty one towns that made up the borough, we will pick up another major project.

We will also want to use this opportunity to thank the following Nkanu sons and their families, who God has used as the pillar of Nkanu Association USA, Inc. They did not only make time to be at our fundraising conventions, but also graciously contributed to our course - to serve our people, especially the children. We thank Chief Nwabueze Nnamani (Ike Oha 1 of Akagbe Ugwu) and his daughter Ada Nnamani for making time to be with us both at our business and gala night session in Los Angeles 2009 and made that convention informative and fruitful. Hon. Chinyeaka Oha (Director of Finance & Accounts, Office of Accountant General of the Federation), you did everything possible because of your work schedule and made sure that you answered Nkanu call through us. Your lecture on Ohu and Amadu is still very memorable, and we pray that God will intervene very soon to His glory. Without you and Chief Nwabueze Nnamani our LA 2009 would not have been the same. We still have not forgotten your words of advice and suggestions on how to move Nkanu forward. We are also grateful for the generous support from both of you. We truly appreciate Hon. Victor and Amaka Chukwuani ( The OGUGUOs of Nkanu USA Inc) – how can we thank you enough because God used you to truly turn our pains and sorrows of 2010 into joy and victory. May God reward you abundantly. Hon. Ude Okoh (Omere Oha 1 of Ajame and our Ambassador in Nigeria), our school chair project would not have been a reality without you. It was one of your suggested projects and you made sure that our first batch was successfully implemented. And our New York 2010 would not have been a success without you and Hon Victor and Amaka Chukwuani. We thank Chief Onyemuche Nnamani (Anya Enugu) so much for making Atlanta 2011 joyful, informative, and successful. You made time out of your very busy schedule, stayed with us both at the business and gala night sessions, brought your friends, provided us with wealth of information, and at the same time graciously and abundantly supported our course. We love you dearly. Hon. Nwabueze Okafor (National President, Association of Local Governments of Nigeria) – your presence was highly felt at Maryland 2012. Your message is sound and clear, and we thank you very much for being a blessing to Nkanu children. Special thanks to Hon. Senator Gilbert Nnaji and his wife who sent a wonderful message in support of the primary school project. We would have also loved your presence, but we understand. Thank you for serving Enugu State and your continued dedication to make Enugu State a better place, and service to mankind. You and Hon. Nwabueze Okafor made our Maryland 2012 glamorous and successful.

We cannot complete this page without sending our special thanks to Dr. & Dr./ Mrs Ofobuike Okani. This couple and their Children heard about Nkanu Association USA, Inc. just a few months ago and since then have without questioning, given this Association incredible supports. This family is such that believes in anonymity when they give; but since our Association is a 501-C organization, we are always compelled by law to annually disclose donations we receive to IRS; otherwise, Dr.Okani and family have always preferred to keep their donations to the association anonymous.

May God continue to bless every one of you and your families abundantly in His own way.

Ogbuzuru Uchenna Nnamani and Chief Patience Eze





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